Small wooden abacus - Montessori abacus

This small wooden abacus certified 100% FSC® is inspired by Montessori material to be used from 3 years to develop counting and calculation, learning colors, representing quantities and their motor skills.

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Montessori Method

This wooden abacus is one of the tools that can be used as part of the Montessori pedagogy. Please note it is not suitable for a child under 3 years old.

The Montessori method was created by Maria Montessori, an Italian doctor and educator in 1907. Today it is used in more than 22,000 establishments around the world. The peculiarity of the Montessori method is to highlight the personal development of the child and to encourage his autonomy thanks to educational toys based on the senses and perception.

Montessori mathematical material: Chinese Abacus

This base 10 abacus derived from the Montessori method will develop mathematical logic as well as your child's thinking through the learning of additions, subtractions and counting. It also makes it possible to approach multiplication and division. This abacus serves as a calculator, for that you just have to slide and count the colored pearls.

The goal of the abacus is to make the child more comfortable in mental arithmetic and to avoid that the child learns to count on his fingers because it is bad habit which is hard to remove thereafter ( calculation error when exceeding 10, ...).

The child must first learn to count from 0 to 9 thanks to the first row of 10 pearls (1 = 1 isolated pearl, 2 = 2 isolated pearls, ...). Then he must learn that 10 is equal to one row, that is to say ten.

The abacus also allows you to learn to count by including several numbers (learning to count 2 in 2, 3 in 3, ...).

Below is a video that explains how to learn to count and operate with an abacus.

Montessori learning

This toy will develop your child's cognition by mobilizing the learning of colors as well as the representation of quantities. It will also strengthen the child's concentration and attention.


Motor skills

This abacus will develop the motor skills of your child because it will have to make the connection between the movement and the flexibility of his fingers with the coordination with his eyes, which will develop his sense of touch and his ability to observe.

Motor skills learning


This toy can be taken anywhere with you thanks to its pocket size.

In addition, it is made of natural wood painted with non-toxic water paint, so it is safe for your child.

This toy is inspired by the Montessori method thanks to its playful and fun side, it is not a Montessori toy.


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15 x 5 x 13 cm
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