Apprends moi à faire seul : Les apprentissages autonomes Montessori

Apprentissage de l'autonomie

Découvrez nos jeux Montessori qui permettront à votre enfant les apprentissages autonomes. Ces jouets Montessori lui permettront d'apprendre à lacer ses chaussures, d'apprendre à couper ses aliments, d'apprendre à bricoler ou encore d'apprendre à coudre ou à tricoter,...

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  • Polo shirt for learning how to sew and lace


    This wooden polo shirt is a material inspired by Montessori pedagogy . From 2 years old it is ideal for learning to lacing and sewing, as well as the development of thinking, coordination, patience, autonomy and dexterity of the child.

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  • Wooden shoes for learning how to lace


    Cette chaussure en bois à lacer est inspirée de la méthode Montessori. Dés 4 ans elle est idéal pour l'apprentissage du laçage de chaussure et le développement de la réflexion, la coordination, la patience, l'autonomie, l'imagination et la dextérité de l'enfant.

    Ces chaussures à lacer sont initialement empaquetés en présentoir de 6 pièces. Nous proposons la vente à l'unité, il est donc possible qu'elle soit envoyée sans l'emballage.

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  • Learn to tie your shoelaces - lacing toy


    This wooden lace-up shoe is inspired by the Montessori method . From 2 years old it is ideal for learning shoe lacing and the development of thinking, coordination, patience, autonomy, imagination and dexterity of the child.

    Sold individually.

    Warning: For 3D shoes, color sent randomly (except on request, depending on available stock).

    These shoes are initially packaged in boxes of 2. We sell individually, so it is possible that they will be sent without packaging.

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  • Montessori Dressing Frame


    Scratch, laces, snaps, buttons, straps, buckles, zippers, etc ... These large dressing frames are educational tools inspired by the Montessori method to develop fine motor skills and autonomy in your child while learning to dress on his own.

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  • Lacing shoes - Plates of 4 puzzle shoes


    This board with several wooden lace-up shoes is inspired by the Montessori method . From 4 years old, it is ideal for learning shoe lacing and the development of coordination, patience, autonomy, imagination and abilities of the child.

    In addition, each shoe is a puzzle, which helps develop your child's thinking and fine motor skills.

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  • Lacing toy - Dress up bear


    Dressing up bears will take patience and help develop your child's motor skills.

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  • Lock Box - Montessori toy


    This Montessori lock house made of high quality wood will help your child learn how to open all kinds of locks, padlocks and bolts. Indeed, this lock box will allow him to increase his autonomy, concentration and fine motor skills while having fun!

    Little extra: The lock house is 100% FSC® certified (only for the Medium size)

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  • Motor Skills Cube - Motor Skills Toy


    This motor skills cube inspired by Montessori toys will allow your child to acquire the skills required to dress on their own thanks to its 6 very soft faces: laces, buttons, zipper, press studs, Velcro fasteners and ribbons in nylon.

    This die also allows your baby to learn fine motor skills and patience.

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