How do youlearn to tell the time? With our Learning Clock!

Learning time

Discover our selection of Montessori games that will help your child learn to tell the time.

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  • Montessori Clock - Red and Blue


    Whether small or medium, these learning clocks will help your child learn to tell the time and develop the concept of time.

    On these clocks it is possible to read the hours (from 1 to 12 and from 13 to 24) as well as the minutes. Thanks to the holes in the needles of different colors, it is easier for the child to find his way around the hours and minutes as well as in the morning hours (from midnight to noon) and in the afternoon hours (from noon to midnight).

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  • Montessori wooden clock

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    This Montessori wooden clock is a Montessori material to be used from 2 years to learn the time and find its way over time while playing with a simple puzzle in order to develop the your child's motor skills. This toy will also develop learning colors and shapes.

    Clock Geometry wood toy
  • Montessori Clock


    This Montessori clock will allow your child to learn time to develop the notion of time. It is an ideal montessori material for learning the hour. This clock is made of wood with the FSC label.

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  • Box of pairs of cards - Memory Montessori


    This memory toy is a set of pairs of cards that will help your child to learn emotions, opposites, numbers and learning time, but also to work on his memory. For this he will have to find the pairs that go together in order to reconstruct the image.

    On each pair the word is written in 4 languages: English, German, French and Italian.

    This cognitive toy is ideal for teaching your little one the vocabulary of his surroundings as well as new languages!

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  • Shape clock


    This wooden Montessori clock is a Montessori material to use from 2 years old to learn the time and find your way in time while playing with a framing puzzle of shapes in order to develop your child's fine motor skills. This toy will also develop the learning of colors and different shapes.

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  • Learning Calendar-Clock


    This FSC® Certified wooden learning clock calendar is designed to help children learn the time. It contains information about the days of the week, the months, the seasons, the hour or the weather. It is designed with a sticker system that allows it to be used in 15 European languages (including the French language). With its wooden design and sober colors, this Montessori calendar will fit perfectly into a child's room or a classroom.

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