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  • Memo toy - Mouse

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    This wooden memory toy will make children laugh and think a lot because they will have to find all the pairs. It will develop the child's concentration and fine motor skills while having fun.

    Sold with wooden box.

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  • Ladybug domino toy


    On each domino there are two numbers in the form of small ladybugs. As in a classic domino, only the same number of ladybugs can be placed next to each other. This toy promotes understanding of the relationship between numbers and quantities.

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  • Wood power 4


    An easy to carry two person strategy toy! The player who manages to line up 4 marbles of his color the first in a row (vertical, horizontal or diagonal) wins the game!

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  • Box of pairs of cards - Memory Montessori


    This memory toy is a set of pairs of cards that will help your child to learn emotions, opposites, numbers and learning time, but also to work on his memory. For this he will have to find the pairs that go together in order to reconstruct the image.

    On each pair the word is written in 4 languages: English, German, French and Italian.

    This cognitive toy is ideal for teaching your little one the vocabulary of his surroundings as well as new languages!

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  • Triangle domino toy


    A new way to play domino. With the Tri-Domino the pleasure is tripled! Just place your dominoes next to each other by matching the numbers on them. The goal is to build a large triangle consisting of 4 or 5 Tri-Dominoes per side. A challenge for 2 to 4 players.

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  • Color memory - Memory toy


    This wooden memory toy is a toy inspired by the very simple montessori method which will stimulate and develop your child's memory skills.

    Take turns launching it right away. Then flip a pawn to try to find the color indicated by the dice. Whoever wins the most pawns wins the toy!

    memory wood chess toy
  • Knot bag toy


    Captain Koog's sailors want to tie up their ship at Taitukka. The sailor who succeeds in laying the longest rope to Taitukka wins the game. Captain Koog teaches his sailors to make the various knots and their meaning.

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  • Wooden mastermind


    A very popular deduction-based board toy that will keep the whole family entertained!

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  • Loto of colors - Children's lottery toy


    To play the lottery of colors, just roll the dice and cover an empty space on the plate with a pawn of a good color. The first to place all his pawns on his plate has won the colored lottery!

    Ideal game to awaken the child to colors, collaboration and concentration.

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