Sensory toys

Sensory toys

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  • Memo toy - Mouse

    £19.99 -50% £10.00

    This wooden memory toy will make children laugh and think a lot because they will have to find all the pairs. It will develop the child's concentration and fine motor skills while having fun.

    Sold with wooden box.

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  • Memory toy individual shapes


    The cards of the toy lack shapes that you must find by plunging your hand inside the cotton bag. Several toy modes are offered and all reinforce the sensitivity and sense of touch.

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  • Baby boat puzzle


    Close your eyes and put your hand in the cotton bag to find the pieces of your puzzle! This toy develops motor skills, the sense of touch and the ability to order shapes.

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  • Sensory bag with cushion


    20 pillows are placed inside the bag, away from the eyes of the players. Without looking inside the bag, players must find two identical cushions only by touch. If the patterns of the cushion are identical, so are their textures. A particularly fun game that develops the sense of touch.

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  • Montessori sensory touch base


    This Montessori Material will allow your child to develop the sensation of touch thanks to the different textures and patterns on which he can pass his hand.

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  • Touch memory


    Plunge your hand into the closed cotton bag to find two identical shapes to the touch. A real challenge for the youngest! Touch L = 7 - 12 cm

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  • Jeu de mémo des sons


    Ce jeu sensoriel en bois Montessori demande aux enfants de retrouver des paires de son. Il permet de développer les facultés auditives, l'écoute et la concentration des enfants. C'est une revisite du memory classique, celui ci ne fait pas appel à la mémoire visuelle, mais à la mémoire auditive.

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  • Jeu de Mémo des poids


    Il faut retrouver le plus grand nombre de paires ayant le même poids. Un jeu de mémo original qui développe la sensibilité tactile des joueurs. Ce jeu sensoriel Montessori en bois consiste pour les enfants à retrouver des paires ayant le même poids. C'est une revisite du mémory classique qui fait appelle à la mémoire visuelle. Ici, la mémoire assosiée au poid est requise.

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  • Auditory memory - Montessori material


    This Montessori Toy is an Auditory Memo that will allow your child to develop his sense of hearing through the recognition or memorization of sounds.

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  • Mémo tactile des surfaces


    Ce jeu sensoriel est composé de 32 pièces, 16 paires que les enfants doivent identifier à l'aide du sens du toucher.

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