Montessori Activities: All creative and imaginative activities


You will find on this page all the toys inspired by the Montessori method to carry out Montessori activities to inspire your child’s imagination and creativity.

  • Stencil for rosettes


    With these drawing rules it becomes very easy to decorate letters or the pages of a notebook.

    Sale by unit. Color sent randomly.

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  • Rainbow pencil


    These pretty multicolored pencils will enchant your child because when he draws with him he will discover several colors on his drawing.

    The lead is thick enough (Ø approx. 1 cm) to color each word or drawing even more.

    Sold individually.

    5 pencils bought = 1 free pencil sharpener!

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  • Sac à personnaliser


    Pour un sac unique, celui-ci est peut-être personnalisé et décoré à l'aide des crayons à textile vendus sur notre boutique dans la catégorie "créativité".

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  • Gift option


    Is your order a gift? We will be happy to wrap it to surprise your recipient!

    Gift wrapping: Whether the order is for a girl or a boy, we offer different types of gift wrap.

    Gift card: A message to pass? We include in your order a card with your personalized message.

    Warning: This option is not possible with gripper balls.

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  • Trousse à personnaliser


    Cette trousse customizable peut-être décorée et personnalisée par l'enfant. Elle permet de développer la créativité de l'enfant. Cette trousse à personnaliser peut être décorée à l'aide des crayons vendus sur notre site.

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  • Crayons pour textile


    Ces crayons pour textile peuvent être utilisés pour décorer, personnaliser et customiser de nombreux accessoires textiles. Nous vendons certains de ces accessoires textiles comme des sac à dos, sac à main, trousse d'école, etc...

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  • Painting for children


    These 250 ml liquid gouache bottles will delight your little budding artists!

    They are multifunctional, perfect for manual activities. They are composed of 98% natural ingredients!

    Made in Holland

  • Sac de perles


    Cet assortiment coloré de perles en bois permettra aux enfants de confectionner une multitudes de bijoux tels que des colliers ou des bracelets. Les perles permettent de développer la créativité, la patience et la motricité des enfants.

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  • Montessori Rug for learning how to draw


    This Montessori rug 100% respectful of the environment allows you to make water-based designs that disappear in 5 minutes! No stain and no paper waste. From 2 years old, it allows you to learn to draw by developing imagination, creativity and motor skills.

    1 year warranty

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  • Hardening modeling clay


    This air-hardening plasticine is great for developing children's imagination and creativity!

    It is ready to use and hardens without cooking, unlike salt dough. It therefore allows you to make a multitude of creations: figure, keychain or pencil decoration!

    In addition, it is made from 98% natural ingredients and is made in Holland.

    The drying time varies according to the temperature and the thickness of the manufactured object.

    Once the beautiful sculptures are dry, the child can paint them! For that, he can use our brush kit as well as our range of gouache . They can also be sanded or varnished. The rendering is solid!

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  • Glitter pencil - 6 Glitter Glue


    These 6 gel pencils will put glitter in the works of your children!

    The sequins are applicable on several supports: paper, cardboard, plastic, ...

    The tip of this glitter pencil allows more precise, easier and cleaner drawing!

    It does not drip and is washable with water, so nothing to worry about for your little budding artist's clothes!

    Package content: 6 x 10 ml

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  • paint brush - paint brush - sponge brush


    This brush pack includes 10 brushes: 5 small nylon brushes, 2 large nylon brushes, 2 round sponge brushes and 1 large rectangular sponge brush. The 10 brushes have different sizes, perfect for beginners but also for older ones!

    The thick, nylon brushes are great for beginners and even for the more advanced little artists in your family.

    It is ideal for manual activities from 2 years old. By painting, children will increase their creativity and imagination while exercising their hand-eye coordination and their ability to perceive shapes and colors. They can be used for various works: acrylic, watercolor, gouache or even oil painting.

    Composition: Plastic handle for easier washing.

    With our range of liquid gouache , your little bits can make pretty paintings!

    Brush colors may vary from pack to pack.

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  • 24 craies Pastel

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  • 6 bath pencils - Montessori


    Set of 6 bath crayons, orange, yellow, red, purple, blue and green. Your child will be able to draw and write on all the smooth surfaces of the bathroom ... Tiles, bathtub, bathroom toys. The pencil is washable with water and wipes very easily.

    BPA free

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  • Crystal to manufacture


    This kit will delight little chemists! Mix the different ingredients and let it rest for 24 hours, a magnificent crystal will appear!

    This activity will stimulate your child's curiosity and wonder.

    All the necessary utensils are included in the kit.

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  • Sac à dos à customiser


    Ce sac à dos customizable peut-être décorée et personnalisée par l'enfant. Ce sac à dessiner permet de développer la créativité de l'enfant. Ce sac à personnaliser peut être décorée à l'aide des crayons vendus sur notre site.

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  • Perle en bois - Petit coffret


    Ce coffre de perles contient des perles de toutes les couleurs, en bois et en forme de fleurs, d'étoiles, de coeurs... Un coffret parfait pour les petits bijoutiers aux esprits créatifs. Les enfants pourront fabriquer des bijoux tels que des colliers ou bracelets.

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  • Schéma de perles

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  • Jeu de reconstruction - Chiffres et lettres

    Ces plaquettes perforées de différentes formes et de différentes couleurs viennent se loger dans leur support en bois. A l'aide d'un modèle fournit sur une carte, l'enfant peut reproduire des chiffres et des lettres. L'enfant travaille ainsi la motricité, la créativité et la réflexion, tout en apprenant et en retenant la forme des chiffres et des lettres. Ce matériel Montessori est vendu dans son coffret de rangement en bois pour protéger le matériel, ne rien égarer et l'emmener partout.
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  • 12 Cubes Ardoises

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  • Smart runner pig (video!)


    This smart little pig will follow your child's trail! Your child will be able to draw circuits that this little pig will follow. It emits Light and plays music. Kids love this toy that uses their imaginations to endlessly create new circuits!

    The pack contains: 1x Little pig, 1 marker pen, 1 USB charging cable and 1 user manual.

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  • Montessori Christmas tree to decorate


    This large artificial Christmas tree can be personalized by your child thanks to the different decorations provided.

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  • Nail and hammer set


    This Montessori toy made of a cork plate, hammers, nails and creative wooden elements will allow your child to express his creativity. Models are provided and may be reproduced. Fairies, unicorns, princesses, chateau .... Here is the universe and the theme of this creative toy.

    Sold in its storage box.

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