Motor skill toys

Motor skill toys

  • Wooden ladybug yoyo


    Yo-yos have been improving children's concentration and abilities for a very long time. A timeless toy.

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  • Juggling ball


    Ideal for beginners, these juggling balls are weighted with plastic balls and do not roll when they fall to the ground. So we stay motivated during learning.

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  • Patience and skill ball toy
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    Patience and skill ball toy


    This is a toy that will test your child's patience and agility. All the small metal balls must be positioned in the holes to solve this wooden puzzle.

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  • Toupie de Noël

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    Warning: This option is not possible with gripper balls.

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  • Montessori worm that eats a fruit


    This worm that eats wooden fruits is a toy inspired by the Montessori method to use from 18 months to develop reflection, coordination, patience, concentration, learning fruits and fine motor skills of the child.

    Sold individually.

    Small size: Model sold randomly among apple, pear and watermelon. This model was packaged in a display of 12 pieces. We are selling individually, so it is possible that it will be sent without packaging.

    Medium size: Single apple model.

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  • Montessori Mouse that eats cheese


    A mouse that eats a wooden cheese is a toy inspired by the Montessori method to use from 2 years old to develop thinking, coordination, patience, concentration , learning fruits and fine motor skills in children.

    Little extra for creative people: Can be personalized by painting the Medium cheese in natural wood!

    cheese wood toy
  • Montessori wooden balance toy


    This wooden balance tower is a material inspired by the Montessori method to be used from 3 years old to develop reflection, patience, collaboration, learning colors, perception in space with the notion of balance and motor skills of the child.

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  • Toy of skill Monkey with fruit trays

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    This toy inspired by the Montessori method is a skill game. The game consists of a monkey who must balance on platters of fruit to be stacked. Thanks to this Montessori toy, your child will thus develop the notion of balance, reflection, patience, collaboration, learning of colors and shapes. The assembly will also improve his motor skills and his skill. Contains 11 pieces.

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  • Montessori Labirinth- Magnetic


    This varnished laminated wood magnetic labyrinth requires patience, concentration and fine motor skills on the part of your child. In fact, using a small pencil with a magnetic tip, your child will have to make magnetic balls cross from one end to the other in the labyrinth. In order not to lose the pencil, it is attached to the labyrinth by a cord. It will make your child happy from 3 years old.

    Sold individually.

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  • Balance toy - Montessori pendulum - Spring Collection


    This wooden balance toy certified FSC® 100% is a material derived from Montessori pedagogy to be used from 2 years. The goal is to roll the dice and balance the cube of the same color as indicated on the face of the dice on the balance wheel. Do not drop the cubes!

    This balance toy allows you to develop thinking, patience, collaboration, learning colors, perception in space with the notion of balance as well as fine motor skills. of the child.

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  • Fishing toy - Montessori toy


    Who will catch the most fish? This 100% FSC® certified wooden fishing toy promises great fishing trips. You will need to catch the crab, turtle, fish, etc. with the two magnetic wooden fishing rods. The die will indicate which sea creatures should be fished first.

    The 11-piece set comes with its fabric storage bag, ideal for travel.

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  • Skill game - Camel/Donkey


    This wooden donkey or camel are toys derived from the Montessori method to be used from 4 years old in order to develop agility, skill, patience, collaboration and fine motor skills of the child.

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  • Montessori Puzzle - Animals Labyrinth


    Animal maze puzzle which will require your child to associate each animal with its natural habitat while having the constraint of the labyrinth. It will help develop your child's thinking and patience.

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  • Wooden maze - Skill toys


    This wooden labyrinth is a challenge because the corn has arrived at the finish point without dropping the marble in the pants that are all along the course.

    This toy helps develop children's thinking and dexterity skills, as well as their patience.

    labyrinth plastic cube
  • 3D Pendulum


    This 3-dimensional pendulum is a skill toy that will put your child's abilities to the test. This kind of toy is very popular because it is easy to have fun with this toy with others.

    You will have to roll the dice and place a pawn of the indicated color on the structure without breaking the fragile balance.

    This skill toy and reflection also teaches children about cause and effect. This toy can be played alone or with others. The one who wins is the one who doesn't bring everything down!

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  • Balance toy - Medium color


    The "Dancing Tower" is a skill toy for the whole family. The base of the tower, with a diameter of 8 cm, was placed on a hemisphere, which makes stacking the varnished wooden blocks much more delicate. But it's this added challenge that ultimately makes the toys so exciting. 36 blocks? It's impressive ! The tower can rise very high as long as the hand does not shake! A toy idea from Torsten Marold

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  • Stacking eggs


    The object of this toy is to stack the eggs using their hats! It is far from easy ... The smooth surface of the wooden eggs makes it difficult ... It will take time, even adults to successfully stack the 6 eggs of this wooden toy.

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  • Wooden Swing - Animals


    This Montessori pendulum is a toy of skill that will develop your child's motor skills and concentration. Roll the dice and place the designated animal on the structure without capsizing it.

    Available from July 10

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  • Bead set to thread


    A fun dice toy. Which player will get the longest caterpillar at the end of the game?

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  • Balance toy - Wooden moose


    This balancing act is really very original! The die is thrown in turn and the corresponding wooden log must be placed on the moose - causing it to wobble. Do we need colors when a toy has such a successful design? The different shades of wood have been obtained thanks to a special heat treatment. Of course, this natural goki toy is made in Europe.

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  • Montessori construction men


    This toy inspired by Montessori pedagogy will develop your child's fine motor skills as well as color perception. These little guys fit together in order to build structures and push the laws of balance ever further. You can make up a lot of different games, like adding a doll in turn, then it will be a Montessori Skill Game where you just use it as a Montessori building toy.

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