Learning literacy

Learning literacy

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  • Cards for Learning Letters - Writing and Phonetics


    These cards attached by a colored plastic ring allow the child to become familiar with the letters of the alphabet.

    On the front, he will find the letter written in pink and in script (upper case and lower case), as well as arrows to follow to help him draw these letters.

    On the back, he will find these 2 same letters written in black on lines in order to learn how to write them correctly when he uses checkered sheets.

    When he is old enough to learn English, he will also be able to use these cards because the phonetics in English are presented there.

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  • Wooden Alphabet Puzzle


    This puzzle will allow your child to learn the alphabet while developing thinking and motor skills.

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  • Alphabet vowels consonants puzzle


    This puzzle containing all the letters of the alphabet will allow the child to learn the letters first, then the consonants (red) and vowels (blue) which are of different colors.

    This Montessori toy is a good learning aid for the awakening of reading and writing.

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  • Magnetic letters - Learn the alphabet - Montessori


    This set of magnetic wooden letters is a Montessori material to use from 2 years old to develop learning the alphabet and reading as well as learning colors. It is also a new experience of magnetism and their motor skills.

    This set is made up of 52 pieces: 26 upper case letters and 26 script letters.

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  • Jeu de reconstruction - Chiffres et lettres

    Ces plaquettes perforées de différentes formes et de différentes couleurs viennent se loger dans leur support en bois. A l'aide d'un modèle fournit sur une carte, l'enfant peut reproduire des chiffres et des lettres. L'enfant travaille ainsi la motricité, la créativité et la réflexion, tout en apprenant et en retenant la forme des chiffres et des lettres. Ce matériel Montessori est vendu dans son coffret de rangement en bois pour protéger le matériel, ne rien égarer et l'emmener partout.
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  • Magnetic letters - Learn the alphabet in kindergarten - Montessori


    This box of magnetic wooden letters is a Montessori material to be used from 2 years old to develop learning letters and reading as well as learning colors. It is also a new experience of magnetism and their motor skills. This box is composed of 37 pieces: the letters from A to Z (with ten duplicates: A, D, E, H, I, L, N, R, S, T and U).

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  • Word grid


    Montessori material for learning to write words and reading with 145 wooden letter cubes.

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  • 26 letter stamps + 3 inkwells


    26 wooden letters + 3 3-color ink pads for learning to write with the pleasure of children using these accessories.

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  • Alphabet abacus


    "B" for "Balloon", "F" for "Flower" ... with this ABC school of goki children learn to read while having fun.

    Available from July 10.

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  • Learn to write the alphabet


    Discover this set of writing cards to learn how to write the alphabet in cursive letters.

    On the front of each card you will find the letter in upper and lower case to be ironed thanks to the movements explained with arrows and numbers, as well as a drawing of an object, a fruit or an animal starting with this same letter.

    On the back of each sheet you will find lines of writing to practice writing the letter correctly.

    This set is made up of 26 writing cards as well as an erasable felt-tip pen and a cloth in order to redo the exercises endlessly until you know how to write each letter perfectly in lowercase and uppercase.

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  • Mill letters and numbers


    An educational toy for word acrobats (longest word) and math experts (addition and subtraction). The board is turned over and the word mill turns into a master of calculation.

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  • Alphabet set


    Learn the alphabet by playing! Find the images of everyday life corresponding to the letters of the alphabet.

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  • Magnetic tablet - Learn to write letters in kindergarten


    This magnetic tablet allows you to learn to write all the letters of the alphabet in script. On the one hand they are written in upper case and on the other side they are written in lower case.

    For it works? You just have to pass the yellow pencil over the letter following the arrows and metal beads will be placed to force the letter. If the child makes a mistake all he has to do is press on the metal ball to push it in.
    Once the face is completely completed, the child will only have to turn the tablet over or press on the metal balls to be able to start again endlessly :-)

    In addition to learning the alphabet and writing, this Montessori toy will teach you dexterity and the correct way to hold a pencil.

    This toy is to be used in complete safety since the metal balls cannot come out of the shelf, so there is no risk for the child to swallow them.

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