Montessori wooden balance toy

This wooden balance tower is a material inspired by the Montessori method to be used from 3 years old to develop reflection, patience, collaboration, learning colors, perception in space with the notion of balance and motor skills of the child.

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Learning: Fine motor skills, Dexterity, Reflection, Patience, Concentration, Collaboration, Color learning, Perception in space, Concept of balance, Gesture control, Logic, Eye-hand coordination.

The dye indicates the color to play. Who will build the tallest and most stable tower possible? Encourages skill and anticipation.

The objective of the toy is to roll the colored dye in order to know which colored piece, among the 6, must be placed on the pendulum in the shape of a half sphere. The child must think about the best location so that the pieces placed do not fall. This skill and thinking toy also teaches children the cause and effect link. The one who wins and the one who doesn't make everything fall! Your turn !

Maximum diameter of the hemisphere: 6 cm

7 wooden blocks and a dice, stored in its transport bag


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