Montessori Labirinth- Magnetic

This varnished laminated wood magnetic labyrinth requires patience, concentration and fine motor skills on the part of your child. In fact, using a small pencil with a magnetic tip, your child will have to make magnetic balls cross from one end to the other in the labyrinth. In order not to lose the pencil, it is attached to the labyrinth by a cord. It will make your child happy from 3 years old.

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This toy requires the acquisition of a grasp of the mature scripting tool, that is, when the child has learned to hold his pen and has mastered it.

Using a small pencil with a magnetic tip, your child will have the marbles go through the labyrinth from one end to the other.

It helps stimulate the muscles of the wrist, work on the grip of the writing tool and therefore prepare for writing. The visuospatial component is stimulated.


- Give the child landmarks with a starting and ending point for the child (using stickers for example).

- Also offer a storage of marbles by color with colored markings in the corners where to store the small marbles.

- Possibility to hang the toy on the wall to work more on the shoulders while moving more globally.


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14 x 12 x 1,5 cm

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