Large puzzle 2 years - Animals Puzzle

Warning: The size may appear small in the pictures, but this puzzle is quite large. 22cm by 19cm.

These children's puzzles will be perfect to be used as the first Puzzle for your children. On the theme of the farm, they will allow your child to know and recognize the different farm animals.

Composed of a fairly small number of pieces (4 to 5 pieces depending on the model), these are wooden puzzles which are suitable for the little ones so that the child can easily reproduce it in support.

Sold individually.

For every set of 4 puzzles purchased, a small wooden box for storing them!

These puzzles are initially packaged in a box of 4 pieces. We sell individually, so it is possible that it will be sent without the packaging.

  • Canard
  • Au hasard
  • Coq
  • Vache
  • Mouton
  • Lot de 4 puzzles + coffret
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The orientation of the puzzle piece allows the acquisition of landmarks in space. This puzzle allows the development of the problem solving strategy.


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19 x 22 x 1 cm
180 g

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