Human body puzzle (5 layers)

Wooden puzzle representing the human body of boy and girl. A total of 5 wooden layers representing bones, organs, muscles, naked body and body with clothes make up this Puzzle. This puzzle measures 22.5cm in height. This Puzzle will allow your child to learn what the human body is and the difference between the body of girls and boys.

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This multi-layer puzzle is a puzzle that is not carried out in a horizontal and flat way like the usual puzzles but in a vertical and thick way which will amuse your child.

This puzzle is made of 5 layers. Each layer consists of 7 parts of the body: head, chest, abdomen, arms (x2), legs (x2) so that children can learn the structure of the human body.

In addition, this children's puzzle is made up of a small number of pieces so that the child can easily reproduce it in the holder.


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29 x 17 x 2 cm
500 g

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