Toy Train - Montessori Recessed Toy

This wooden train will allow your child to develop his thinking and his motor skills. He will be able to assemble the wagons but also thread the wooden parts on the right axes.

This toy inspired by the Montessori method will develop your child's patience and perseverance.

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This train will develop mathematical and geometric logic as well as thinking in your child by teaching him to count thanks to the number of holes in shapes and to learn and recognize geometric shapes.

It will develop your child's cognition by mobilizing the learning of colors as well as the representation of quantities. The child will work on the notion of physical representation through the quantity of stacked pieces.

This toy will develop your child's motor skills because he will have to make the connection between the movement and the flexibility of his fingers when stacking shapes with the coordination of his eyes, which will develop his sense of touch, his ability to observation and analysis as well as its abilities.

Your child will be able to assemble the wagons, thread the wooden beads or even place the wooden parts with holes on their correct axes.

Be careful to avoid overstimulation, or the child may lose interest in it and simply throw things away. $

Around 12 months: Present the middle wagon only with 1 single round to be placed in the single rod (with slow demonstration), then give it 2 round, etc.

Then, you have to present the train with horizontal embedding with the same type of presentation: a single cylinder to pass through the horizontal rod.

Subsequently, you can increase the number of objects to embed by starting with the single rods, then double rods, then 3 to finish with the square shapes to be embedded in 4 rods. Always present one object at a time to the child.

Regarding colors, do not add this notion at the start, add it as the child progresses and bring out this game, for example, when learning colors.


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32 x 6 x 8 cm
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