The color box to learn colors - Medium format

This medium set of chromatic tablets inspired by the Montessori method is to be used from 3 years old in order to develop the visual discrimination of primary and secondary colors, the refinement of chromatic perception and motor skills your child's fine. It is entirely made of wood.

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Montessori method

This color box is one of the tools used within the framework of Montessori pedagogy. This small box contains 11 pairs of primary and secondary color tablets.

The Montessori method was created by Maria Montessori, an Italian doctor and educator in 1907. Today it is used in more than 22,000 establishments around the world. The particularity of the Montessori method is to highlight the personal development of the child and to encourage his autonomy through educational toys based on the senses and perception.

Color box: Learning colors in kindergarten

The color box contains 11 pairs of chromatic tablets that allow your child to awaken him to learning the primary colors (red, blue and yellow) and secondary (green, pink, gray, orange, brown, purple , black and white).

One of the objectives of this set is to work by association. Indeed, the child learns by comparison and association by grouping tablets of the same color in order to develop his visual and cognitive skills.

The shelves are identical so as not to present distractions to the child (different shapes, sizes or materials). Therefore, the child will focus only on distinguishing between primary and secondary colors.

Learn colors in kindergarten

Montessori mathematics: Representation of quantities

This Montessori toy also allows you to develop the basics of the representation of quantities.

Montessori mathematics

Fine motor skills

This color box will develop your child's motor skills because he will have to relate the movement and flexibility of his fingers to coordination with his eyes, which will develop his sense of touch and his ability to observe.

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Montessori material: How to use the color box

The different ways to use the color box are:

  1. Combine colors : Group color pairs together.
  2. Name the colors: The child names the color lying on the tablet.
  3. Identify colors: "Do you can you show green? "
  4. Identify by name: The adult shows a tablet and the child names the color on the tablet.
  5. Make a connection with everyday life: The child names everyday objects of the same color as the color he comes from 'learn (color of clothes, objects, etc)
  6. Combine color mixes : Knowing how to associate the 2 (or 3) necessary colors in order to form another color. Example: Orange = Yellow + Red. With this app, you will be able to teach your child that a secondary color is a mixture of 2 primary colors and a tertiary color is a mixture of primary and secondary colors in equal mixture.

Montessori material: Go further ...

Once the primary and secondary colors have been mastered by the child, it is possible to add color shades with the large box of 63 chromatic tablets . It is also possible to use the small box of 6 chromatic tablets representing the primary colors.

Learn colors in small section


This toy can be taken anywhere with you thanks to its pocket size.

This toy is inspired by the Montessori method thanks to its playful and entertaining side.


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25 x 9,5 x 5 cm / Tablette : 7,5 cm x 4 cm x 1 cm
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