Musical frog - Montessori musical awakening

This wooden frog-shaped instrument will allow your child to produce the sound of the frog croaking, by rubbing the stick it is holding in the jaw on its backbone. This Montessori toy is perfect for awakening the coordination of movements, the discovery of sounds and rhythm in children while having fun!

These guiro frogs are initially packaged in a display of 12 pieces. We offer the sale individually, so it is possible that it is sent without the packaging.

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Montessori method

This wooden guiro frog is one of the toys that can be used within the framework of Montessori pedagogy. It will delight children from 2 years old.

The Montessori method was created by Maria Montessori, an Italian doctor and educator in 1907. Today it is used in more than 22,000 establishments around the world. The particularity of the Montessori method is to highlight the personal development of the child and to encourage his autonomy through educational toys based on the senses and perception.

Montessori learning

This toy will develop your baby's cognition by mobilizing the observation and the attention captured by the child thanks to the sounds of the instrument. He will learn what the frog looks like and what its cry (croak) is. In addition, this frog will develop the learning of storage because when the child has finished playing with the frog he will have to put the stick in the frog's mouth.

Wood frog

Musical awakening

This percussion instrument will develop your baby's musical awakening through initiation to music, new sounds and a sense of rhythm.

Motor skills

This toy will develop your baby's motor skills as he will have to make the connection between the movement and the flexibility of his fingers when he uses the stick to rub the back of the frog with the sound emanating from the guiro as well as the visual coordination, which will develop his senses.

Musical frog


This toy can be taken anywhere with you thanks to its pocket size.

This toy is inspired by the Montessori method thanks to its playful and fun side, it is not a Montessori toy.


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Petit : 40 g / Moyen : 90 g / Grand : 150 g
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(Bâton) Petit : 9 cm / Moyen : 11 cm / Grand : 16 cm

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