Montessori Materials

Here you will find Montessori Materials for your child 

  • Toupie de Noël

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  • Learn to tie your shoelaces - lacing toy


    This wooden lace-up shoe is inspired by the Montessori method . From 2 years old it is ideal for learning shoe lacing and the development of thinking, coordination, patience, autonomy, imagination and dexterity of the child.

    Sold individually.

    Warning: For 3D shoes, color sent randomly (except on request, depending on available stock).

    These shoes are initially packaged in boxes of 2. We sell individually, so it is possible that they will be sent without packaging.

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  • Montessori Tangram - Wooden origami


    This wooden toy inspired by the Montessori method will help develop your child's thinking, patience or creativity.

    You can use this Montessori toy as a puzzle, as a Tangram or to make origami. Your child will be able to play with shapes and colors to multiply their creations to infinity.

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  • Montessori wooden geometric shapes bag


    This sensory bag of wooden shapes is a material used in Montessori pedagogy to be used from 2 and a half years old in order to develop the learning of shapes and volumes as well as the dexterity of the child.

    Bag color: White.

    These bags are initially packaged in a display of 12 pieces. We sell individually, so it is possible that it will be sent without the packaging.

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  • Montessori Clock


    This Montessori clock will allow your child to learn time to develop the notion of time. It is an ideal montessori material for learning the hour. This clock is made of wood with the FSC label.

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  • Montessori cylinder volumes and weights box


    This set of 4 wooden bases and their weights is inspired by the Montessori method. It helps your child develop his understanding of what volumes are. It can also be used with the scale to develop the concept of weight.

    Each wooden base has 4 small weights of different colors and having a very specific volume. Each cylindrical shaped weight has a unique combination of height and diameter.

    These wooden bases are initially packaged in a box of 4 bases. We sell individually, so it is possible that the base will be sent without the packaging.

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  • Puzzle 4 cubes to rebuild


    The cards at your disposal tell you which combinations of shapes and colors should be made with the four cubes.

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  • Large Chinese Abacus - Mental Abacus


    This large 100% FSC® certified wooden abacus is inspired by Montessori material to be used from 3 years old to develop counting and calculation, learning colors, representation of quantities and their motor skills. Do not hesitate to consult our other wooden abacuses smaller in the Mathematics category.

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  • Montessori Dressing Frame


    Scratch, laces, snaps, buttons, straps, buckles, zippers, etc ... These large dressing frames are educational tools inspired by the Montessori method to develop fine motor skills and autonomy in your child while learning to dress on his own.

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  • Montessori Wooden Rainbow


    The Montessori Rainbow is a classic of Montessori Toys, it allows unlimited creations. This Montessori toy will develop your child's creativity. it can also be used for learning colors.

    Rainbow 5 blocks: Available from July 10 in delayed delivery.

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  • Balance toy - Medium color


    The "Dancing Tower" is a skill toy for the whole family. The base of the tower, with a diameter of 8 cm, was placed on a hemisphere, which makes stacking the varnished wooden blocks much more delicate. But it's this added challenge that ultimately makes the toys so exciting. 36 blocks? It's impressive ! The tower can rise very high as long as the hand does not shake! A toy idea from Torsten Marold

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  • Wooden Construction Toy - 50, 100 or 200 pieces


    With 50, 100 or 200 wooden pieces, your child will push the limits of his creativity. He can multiply his creations ad infinitum. This Montessori toy is sold with its linen storage bag.

    Bag of 200 pieces: Available from July 10.

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  • Baby hammer bench - Montessori toy


    This toy derived from the Montessori method is a hammer bench. It allows your child to develop the sense of precision and fine motor skills as well as learning the 3 primary colors. Your child will hit the balls in a hole using a hammer, the balls fall on a rail so that the child picks them up, puts them back in their hole. And it started again endlessly!

    hammering ball box wood
  • 3D Wooden Gears puzzle


    This Wooden Gear Set will allow your child to develop your child's concentration and motor skills.

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  • Montessori sensory touch base


    This Montessori Material will allow your child to develop the sensation of touch thanks to the different textures and patterns on which he can pass his hand.

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  • Montessori number tray


    The Numbers and Quantities Tray is a wooden Montessori inspired toy that will allow your child to learn numbers up to 10 and learn to count. The child will have to work through this Montessori toy on the notion of order of the numbers, the symbolic representation of the number and the physical representation through the quantity of rings to be stacked.

    math Ring Domino
  • Wooden balance + Montessori weight


    This wooden scale is a toy inspired by Montessori pedagogy which allows children to develop the notion of weight and balance.

    wood balance Weights
  • Lock Box - Montessori toy


    This Montessori lock house made of high quality wood will help your child learn how to open all kinds of locks, padlocks and bolts. Indeed, this lock box will allow him to increase his autonomy, concentration and fine motor skills while having fun!

    Little extra: The lock house is 100% FSC® certified (only for the Medium size)

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  • Learning Calendar-Clock


    This FSC® Certified wooden learning clock calendar is designed to help children learn the time. It contains information about the days of the week, the months, the seasons, the hour or the weather. It is designed with a sticker system that allows it to be used in 15 European languages (including the French language). With its wooden design and sober colors, this Montessori calendar will fit perfectly into a child's room or a classroom.

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  • Montessori color chart to learn colors - Large format


    This large box of chromatic tablets inspired by the Montessori method is to be used from 4 years old to develop visual color discrimination, the refinement of chromatic perception and fine motor skills of your child. It is entirely made of wood.

    Available from June 1.

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  • Auditory memory - Montessori material


    This Montessori Toy is an Auditory Memo that will allow your child to develop his sense of hearing through the recognition or memorization of sounds.

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  • Montessori The Pink Tower


    The Pink Tower is one of the flagship activities of the Montessori method which allows you to develop the difference between size, shape and weight. Montessori game from 18 months. Possible to order cards whose size of the pink square is the same as that of the face of the cubes.

    Pink Tower 10 cm: Available from June 30 in delayed delivery.

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  • Deluxe wooden tool boxes


    If you dream of your child becoming a handyman like his dad, why not introduce him to DIY from an early age? This wooden toolbox presented in the form of a case contains all the essential tools for the initiation of your child to DIY. Screwdriver, screw, hammer, adjustable wrench, pliers, nail ... Turn, strike, pull, tighten ... These are just some of the skills that your children will need to master to overcome the many possibilities offered by this kit introduction to DIY.

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  • Montessori Wooden Rainbow + 2 Balls - XXL


    This large wooden Montessori Rainbow will develop your child's creativity. It allows the creation of an infinite number of circuits or drawings. Other smaller wooden rainbow toys are available on our store.

    Available from August 1.

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  • Wooden walking trolley - Baby activity table - Rainbow Deluxe


    This wooden baby pusher is a premium baby pusher, nominated at TOY AWARD 2020. It contains 5 playable surfaces and an incredible abundance of toys! Beyond learning to walk, this walker will help your baby wake up. Turn, slide, embed, draw, slide, ... Embed shapes are of different colors (red, green, yellow, blue, orange) and of different shapes (star, cloud, square, round, triangle). The numbers 1 to 9 are inscribed on the rotating squares. Inside the baby walker there is a space that will allow baby to transport or store his toys. This wooden walker is literally a mini rolling toy room. It is a must have for your child! This walking cart is an ultra rich and complete Montessori material that will allow you to review many forms of learning.

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